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Basic Provisions of the Process Licensing

This leaching process is provided as a two (2) stage process with the first stage comprised of obtaining the leaching chemicals, leaching of the ore, precipitating the metals, removing the majority of the base metals from the precipitates, and regenerating the leaching solution for additional leaching operations.  The second stage consists of conversion of the gold and platinum group metals (PGM's) to a saleable form, consisting of a high purity gold button and a separate portion that contains most of the platinum group metals that were originally in the starting materials.  The Sample Owner will be responsible for sale of the gold to his normal dealer.  The right to use the process is non-exclusive and the licensor is free to work with multiple licensees.  The use of a mutual non-disclosure agreement is used to protect the licensor against dissemination of the process details to unauthorized entities and to protect the licensee against dissemination of his recovery details to unauthorized entities.


Responsibilities of the licensor

(BlackSand2Gold, LLC)



Responsibilities of the licensee

(individuals who have been given the right to use the process)

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